190 parties in the European Parliament

Wednesday, 8 April 2009 |

Libertas sent out a newsletter yesterday that revealed that there are 190 domestic parties represented in the European Parliament. It's no wonder that the Parliament is a shambles. 

Most of those 190 domestic parties have joined one of the big 'groups' in the Parliament which function as the real parties of the EU.

This is the big lie of European politics; those 190 domestic parties are all elected on a national manifesto, not on the real manifesto of the EU group that they are part of. For example, the Labour party is part of the PES grouping, but you won't hear it mentioned in their campaign. In fact, you have no idea how your Labour MEPs will actually vote in the European Parliament, or what the PES group will force them to do. You don't get what you vote for.

This is where Libertas is different - we are the first proper pan-European party. Our MEPs have one set of goals and one manifesto right across the European Union. This means that our British MEPs will have the same ambitions as the our Libertas MEPs from France, Germany, Bulgaria and so on.


Anonymous said...

Quite right

Anonymous said...

One hitch - turn out there wont be any Libertas MEPs from Germany. Libertas Germany failed to reach the necessary threshold of 4,000 supporters by 31 March so Libertas wont be fielding candidates there, let along getting any MEPs. How many Libertas MEPs do we now think Libertas will get? Thirty? Libertas won't even be the biggest party in parliament.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libertas_Germany for full details.

Libertas Insider said...

You shouldn't believe everything that you read. Libertas Germany insists that they *did* put the 4000 names in in time. There is a different bureaucratic hitch, apparently, but not one that is insurmountable.

Anonymous said...

When is the one manifesto being published?

Libertas Insider said...

I don't know, unfortunately. It will have to be in the next three or four weeks though.

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